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Horst Zimmermann GmbH, pattern making and mould making


1962: Foundation in Kaiserslautern by Horst Zimmermann as one man pattern maker.
1967: Establishment of a new workshop of 400 square meters. Production of patterns in wood, plastics and metal for the regional industry.
1972: Extension of the production surface to 600 square meters. Having 20 staff members now the die production was added.
1986: Initiation of most modern CAD / CNC technique. Extension of the production surface by 250 square meters for a total of 25 staff members. Mould making for the plastic processing industries becomes an important part.
Extension of the machinery by continuous investment in CNC technique and CAD systems. 35 highly qualified staff members work out solutions for international customers.
1997: Foundation of Zimmermann Formtechnik GmbH by Rolf Zimmermann, By this, 1.500 square meters of additional production surface as well as modern CNC technique for the machining of big parts up to 10 t weight have been established.
Team Zimmermann develops. Extension of the scope by design, prototyping, production of gauges as well as special machines. Permanent extension of the staff to 60 staff members by own training.
2001-2002: Architectural extension and modernising at Horst Zimmermann GmbH and investment in 5 axes HSC milling technique for big parts.