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ZiMaTec GmbH, design, prototyping, measurement

ZiMaTec GmbH is "your competent partner" concerning design and prototyping as well as reverse engineering. By most modern technologies and high-graded software our company creates designs which are the basis for the future production of prototypes and/or serial components.

Total development tasks which include the prototype production / production of samples, including review and admission / certification are carried out by ZiMaTec GmbH with the help of reliable partners. They are partners of the competence alliance "Das Kunststoff-Netzwerk Rheinland-Pfalz" where ZiMaTec GmbH is an active member. Our focus is the solution of our customers‘ tasks from the idea to the product. Our customer will get this service advantageously from one hand with only one contract partner.
ZiMaTec GmbH acts in the area of „automobile, mechanical engineering, consumer goods as well as foundry industries“. Development projects are carried out with the help of the systems „Solid Works, CATIA V5, ProEngineer 2001 as well as Wildfire II“.

A further part of our development activities is the product design of complex components made of plastics as well as their following design of tools for injection moulds. In the area of reverse engineering we digitally (tactilly and without touching) measure existing or modified patterns, tools and products of each kind and materials, also those built by hand. After measurement of the commanded components we reverse them to CAD data which serve as basis for the production. In the area of quality assurance we also measure against the CAD data in order to show quickly possible differences visually.